Our selective partners and strategic alliances enable us to provide a variety of services in the entertainment & events sector.

We are a group of entrepreneurs in the Saudi Arabia region who have come together on one platform to make it big in the event and entertainment industry. We organize events in Saudi Arabia by taking care of minute details of the guests coming to attend the occasion and allow them to experience a gala time. Our aim always is to capture the hearts of the audience with unmatched services, entertainment and fun so that they can make the best of their time.Falcon First is a leading name in the Event Management industry in Riyadh because of its super specialized service. We are known for our perfect setups and formats and for offering a comprehensive range of services to our clients.

Event Management

Our Subsidiary 17 Events Ltd is a fully integrated events management company offering a turn-key solution to our clients.

Marketing & Advertising

Complete event marketing and advertising solutions. From branding and marketing communication to sponsorship and event promotion. We have you covered!


Our online events ticketing platform offers the most competitive fees in the market and dedicated customer service to event managers & promoters.


Whether you are an artist seeking to expand your audience and planning a tour in Saudi Arabia or a local entity wanting to organize an entertainment event (sports, music festival, cultural), our dedicated team will cater to all your specific needs.

Consulting Services

We offer a variety of consulting services such as: concept creation, project management, risk & contingency planning, marketing plan, event design, budgeting & feasibility studies, crowd management, security & safety, innovation and event smart solutions.

Event Production

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide the latest solutions for staging, audio & visual, media production, special effect & more…

Our expertise lies in the entire conceptualization and the creation of content for a show being customized for the client. Our in-depth knowledge and experience help us to meet the demands of the customers. Understanding of the market helps us to decide things in an event about what the clients will appreciate and enjoy. We provide complete assistance to our clients in arranging the kind of event they are looking forward to, whether it is corporate, government or social.Our team is comprised of highly qualified professional designers and craftsmen who are an asset for us. We have experience in conducting larger events dedicatedly designed and crafted together with hospitality service and this is what makes us truly unique among the rest of the Event Management companies in Riyadh. We take all kinds of projects small and big concerning the sports and entertainment industry, government and corporate sectors, festivals, private social events, etc. and handle them with care and dedication. Till date, we have witnessed a successful journey with our clients and we strive to create constantly the best experience for them and their guests.

We carry out everything related to an event that includes event planning, marketing, and promotion, ticketing and promotion of events. We are a single stop destination for you if you are looking for an Event Management company in Saudi Arabia.